Teenagers- more cynics than rebels.

As teenagers take on more and more responsibilities, they see that life is very different from what it used to be as a child. They begin to see that the grown ups around whom they had felt secure are flawed. Most often they are not eased into life’s expectations. It just gets thrown at their […]

Beautiful letters from famous authors to their children

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It’s a shame people don’t write letters anymore. Especially writers, whose missives are often so beautifully composed and simply inspiring that we hoard them in volume upon volume. That’s why you should read some loving, advice-filled, gentle parental love letters from some of our favorite authors to some of their favorite people…

The Universe a Work of Art

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“The Universe a Work of Art” is a fun and easy to read children’s educational book about our Solar System. The English version is available for free on the Apples iBooks store from the 13th to the 17th of each month in 2018. Written by Eva & Line Newermann. It is…

Book Talk: The girl who loved Tom Gordon

There are people who go on and on about Stephen King. Quite a ‘King’ too, considering the sheer volume of reading material he has produced. I have not read most of his work, I must admit, and am not particularly a huge fan of King. I just can’t stand the blood covered gory characters, where […]

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships for Undergraduates 2018-19 — The Siasat Daily

Description: Japanese Government Scholarships for Undergraduates 2018-19 invites applications from class 12 pass out students. The scholarship aims to provide fully funded education to deserving candidates in the universities of Japan. Who is offering this scholarship: The scholarship is been provided by the Government of Japan. To apply for this scholarship: An applicant must-Have passed… via […]