Activity: Cool Mom Contest held on Women’s Day, 2018


On International Women’s Day, a bunch of kids aged between five and fifteen expressed through different mediums, what they thought was ‘cool’ about being mom. There were anecdotal articles, power point presentations, posters and even a song!


Mothers were thrilled to know what their kids thought, a rare occasion when they had opened up. The boys surprised everyone by being  better than the girls in giving genuine heartfelt reasons for finding their moms or any mom for that matter, to be super cool.

fullsizeoutput_6123fullsizeoutput_6127The Cool Mom Contest was aimed at triggering an understanding among the children about the role of a mother towards society. The children would dig within themselves to see what’s cool about mother-mentors. The introspection would then lead to its application in different spheres of learning.



fullsizeoutput_612bThe younger children as expected, were very ‘cute’ giving heartwarming accounts of putting themselves first in relation to their moms. The older kids however saw what it takes to be ‘mom’ and seemed inspired by them.


The following are what the children learnt from the contest:

    1. Non- Verbal Communication
    2. Collaboration
    3. Creativity
    4. Accepting constructive feedback
    5. To think on their feet
    6. Confidence


It was a fun- filled activity and all kids received their feedback from Ms Sheeba Siddiqui, teacher at ISWK, Al Wadi Al Kabir. However it was the mothers who were most enlightened receiving the best feedback from their kids.

The children had taken less than two hours to complete their activity, when it was collected and taken to Ms Siddiqui. It all ended with the announcement of three winners.

Winners awards were sponsored by Ms Lakshmi Ravindran, Ms Rashmi. S and Ms Meera Vinod. Snacks and drinks for the children were sponsored by Ms Padma.

The children in the end were left feeling elated about receiving a ‘take home gift’ along with a feedback card.img_3566.jpg





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