Friendship: A story about a rickshaw puller

  It had been a ‘zappy time’, when a twenty odd year old man, a cycle-rickshaw puller,  became ‘friend’,  to a nine year old girl. His age buffered him from poverty and had not started weighing him down. He had a job, which gave him independence and he was happy in a way that only […]

Parenting: Let your child be inspired by you !

  I keep reading about children who have made a difference. They are those who have become social influencers. Children have the ability to influence and affect change because they dream, and they dream with nothing to hold them back. When they feel for something, they feel for it deeply. What makes Jack Andraka, Ann Makosinski, […]

Book Talk: Little fires everywhere

The book cover looks like a photograph Mia would take.   Little Fires Everywhere is Celeste Ng’s second novel. Shaker Heights, Ohio is where she ( the writer’s name is pronounced ‘ing’) was brought up to be an adult and it is here that she has set her story. It is a privileged community where the […]

Loyalty: How does it play in your teen life?

Loyalty is a very special word in the corporate world. There are tons of research being done to understand relationships between customer and company, employee and employer. It’s quite interesting but let me not go there now. What I am more interested in,  is you, my young friend and how loyalties play in your life. […]

Book Talk : I am Malala

Moms have often asked me to suggest reading material for their children, as I have too, to the best of my capacity. Three years ago I remember asking  the children at one of our book club sessions if they knew about a Pakistani girl, their own age,  who has been fighting for something that they […]