Parenting: Let your child be inspired by you !



I keep reading about children who have made a difference. They are those who have become social influencers. Children have the ability to influence and affect change because they dream, and they dream with nothing to hold them back. When they feel for something, they feel for it deeply.

What makes Jack Andraka, Ann Makosinski, Olivia Hallisey , Deepika Kurup or Malala Yousafzai different from the average child?  It’s their beautiful minds that Continue reading “Parenting: Let your child be inspired by you !”

Book Talk : I am Malala

IMG_3635Moms have often asked me to suggest reading material for their children, as I have too, to the best of my capacity.

Three years ago I remember asking  the children at one of our book club sessions if they knew about a Pakistani girl, their own age,  who has been fighting for something that they might have taken for granted; education. When I introduced her to ‘my kids’ there was unanimous interest amongst them to know her more. Some had already heard of her but most of the others were hearing about Malala for the first time. I promised them that I would get them to read the biography that she had written, when she was but only seventeen years old. Continue reading “Book Talk : I am Malala”

Workshop: Body language awareness and confidence building in children


One of the easiest  available and cheapest learning centers, would be a drawing-room of any comfortable home.  It is often undervalued and its potential not effectively imagined. This is especially the case when it comes to children. Cozy drawing rooms of homes may be small but is one of the most interactive spaces for children to forget their inhibitions and contribute.

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