Book Talk: The girl who loved Tom Gordon

There are people who go on and on about Stephen King. Quite a ‘King’ too, considering the sheer volume of reading material he has produced. I have not read most of his work, I must admit, and am not particularly a huge fan of King. I just can’t stand the blood covered gory characters, where […]

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships for Undergraduates 2018-19 — The Siasat Daily

Description: Japanese Government Scholarships for Undergraduates 2018-19 invites applications from class 12 pass out students. The scholarship aims to provide fully funded education to deserving candidates in the universities of Japan. Who is offering this scholarship: The scholarship is been provided by the Government of Japan. To apply for this scholarship: An applicant must-Have passed… via […]

Metropolitan Scholarship 2018 — The Siasat Daily

Description: Metropolitan Group of Institutes invites applications for Metropolitan Scholarship 2018 from students below 30 years of age. The objective of this scholarship is to provide the opportunity to young people to improve their skills to operate in Service Industry. The scholarships are of two types: Institute/College/University Programmes and specific programs. To apply for this… via […]

Featured: Young Achiever, Sreya Vinod

Sreya Vinod , a girl who any day stands out in a crowd, has made inspiring contributions at the Little Banyan Tree initiative. She is a versatile speaker, dancer and singer, bagging several awards for the same. She has worked as Coordinator- Social Service, as part of the Student Council Board, ISM,Oman. A role model […]

Workshop on Confidence Building

After the workshop on Body Language and Confidence building, this had been a follow-up on how to boost self-esteem. Some children who lacked self-confidence therefore benefited from the workshop.It was meant to give them a clear understanding of what is meant by confidence and how it can be achieved. On May 12, at Wadi Kabir, […]

How words can add value to your confidence.

Words come your way when you listen, or read or speak or write.Words are what distinguishes us humans, from every other species of the world. Words can be functional, decorative, commanding, assertive, romantic and more. If there are teachers who are telling youngsters at school to learn a new word a day, they are not […]