pexels-photo-785667.jpegAre you someone who has looked upon some people you know and wondered how it was that they carry themselves with a certain admirable gait, how they are they always able to keep a pleasant face while they speak, how do people gravitate towards them? Then you also probably want to be like them. Fortunately, you can condition your mind in a certain way that will ensure you to get there:

  1. Ask yourself two questions –   Do I have a unique skill that will make me valuable to others? What do I do that no one else does?
  2. Sometimes, you may understand your worth but it scares you. What if the others think you are ridiculous? You are afraid of some of the nay sayers.Such feelings are very normal but do not let those be the image of you.
  3. When you are ready to let everyone know how you have created your own footing, remember that it’s not about you, it’s about ‘them’. They want to see in you what you will make them see.
  4. Failure happens to everyone. It is not something that we would ever look forward to. Why? It causes pain? Work on it like a scientist, or think of it as finding solutions to a math problem. When you fail at one thing look for a different approach.
  5. Have your own choices. When you don’t make a healthy choice to live a well-nourished life, you put yourself in a position where others will decide for you, resulting in less smiles or laughs for you. What others decide for you cannot be as good as you deciding for yourself. No one can know you as well as you do.
  6. Be around people who appreciate you. You need to hear affirmative comments from people now and then. They are also likely to say nice things about you to others who don’t know you well yet. Identify five people who stand by you always and keep them in the innermost circle of your social network.
  7. Have gratitude. Every time you feel like complaining, think of ways to change those sentences into positive sentences. Feeling grateful for your situation is great for putting a confident bounce in your stride.
  8. Building confidence does not mean feeling superior over others. Showing respect for other’s capacities reflect your wisdom. It definitely is an add-on to your personality.

Go ahead. Practice these ideals and let me know when it gets you going!


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