How words can add value to your confidence.


Words come your way when you listen, or read or speak or write.Words are what distinguishes us humans, from every other species of the world. Words can be functional, decorative, commanding, assertive, romantic and more. If there are teachers who are telling youngsters at school to learn a new word a day, they are not wrong.

Words help form opinions:

When you listen or read, you are receiving someone’s thoughts. When you speak or write you are letting your thoughts be received.  Every time you hear someone, or read someone’s work, don’t just follow it blindly. Debate it in your mind. This will help you to form your own opinion.When you have ideas of your own, it helps your confidence and shines thorough your personality.

Read what your idol reads:

A person becomes the kind of books he reads.When you find drawn to a person, here’s a trick to become like them. Find out all about the books he reads and read them too.Seek people who inspire you and learn from them.


Build your vocabulary:

Javed Akhtar in a Ted Talk, translated here,  had this to say about ‘words’ :

 Thoughts are to a person like bricks are to a house. The bricks in it’s own capacity cannot become a house. However, you do need bricks to build one. The larger number of bricks you have, the bigger the house you can build.

Anyone would do well to take his advice. With a varied choice of vocabulary, nuances of your thoughts can be expressed well. A good number of words in your basket can make you appear intelligent and credible. It would be great if you want to take up any leadership position.


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