Workshop on Confidence Building

img_3721-2.jpgAfter the workshop on Body Language and Confidence building, this had been a follow-up on how to boost self-esteem. Some children who lacked self-confidence therefore benefited from the workshop.It was meant to give them a clear understanding of what is meant by confidence and how it can be achieved. On May 12, at Wadi Kabir, Oman, children of age 12 years and above, once again got together for participating in activities tailored to help them understand the topic.

The one day workshop was once again split into morning and evening sessions.

Ms Lakshmi Priya led the children in an activity using newspapers to let them discover for themselves that practice helps in gaining confidence. For this the children were divided into two groups. Each group were asked to estimate how many boats they might make with the given newspaper wherein they also meet prior measurement requirements.

Out of the four rounds, the first round had the children fall extremely short of their target. They made three boats each where they thought they could make 10. With further attempts their understanding of the task improved and so did their confidence. In the fourth round their confidence improved remarkably and the groups ended up outperforming this time, making 30 boats respectively while their target had been the initial 10 boats.

The morning session ended with children encouraged to talk about how they would feel confident under familiar circumstances, but then what was the need for gaining confidence under unfamiliar situations. Fear of the unfamiliar, uncertainty or fear of failure was explained to be an indicator of ‘danger’ inbuilt in our system like how pain also is when the body is harmed.

In the afternoon session, an analogy to the rise of heroes in civilization was made to understand the need for confidence.

The fact that ‘practicing’ to gain confidence would open up huge opportunities was discussed. The children were told that they had the right to talk their minds, as long as it does no harm.

The session proceeded with an activity to build self-esteem.

The children were asked to list out 3 or 5 fears or complaints that were on the top of their minds. Now they were asked to convert the sentences they had made into affirmative sentences. By regularly trying to convert their problems into positive statements, they were made to see how their confidence would increase.

Sreya Vinod, was a young speaker at the session. Sreya, an eighteen year old achiever,  just out of high school( ISM, Oman)  is all set to join Christ College, Bangalore. She had been Ms Personality and a part of the student board committee at school. An ever-smiling and cheerful girl, she had a few tips to share with the rest of the children. A winner of several awards for cultural activities, she had also just won the runners’ up crown of ‘May Queen’. Sreya welcomed the children to reach out to her anytime.

After gathering a lot of ideas on how confidence can be built, the children were made to engage in another activity. This time they made a recipe of their own listing out the ingredients for confidence. Two groups had been formed. While one group wrote the recipe for a ‘Fearless Cake’, the other wrote one for a ‘Confidence Aid Lemonade’.

I then gave the kids eight points to remember when it came to confidence building. You can read about them in  “8 points to remember in building confidence“.

The children were made to understand the need for learning new words for effective communication. You can read about this in “How words can add value to your Confidence”.

The children were then introduced to  a couple of more activities they can do at home. One was to trace their hands on a paper and write about what are in their control. The poster can then put up on the wall in their room. This activity would instill self-awareness. Being in control is also being confident . By listing them out the children can then work on expanding it in long run.

Another poster to put up in their rooms would be one with a picture of their idol or of themselves and then to surround the picture with positive attributes of the same. This can be done decoratively to add to the room decor.

The participants were largely happy. Siddharth Sajeev called it an “encouraging and motivational session” while Rishab felt that he “practically understood that only practice makes a man perfect and improves confidence level”.

Names of participants

Aditya Arun

Aimie Issac


Diya Renjan

Lakshmi Sujesh

Purnima V.K

Pavithra V.K


Soham Parwani

Sidharth Sajeev


I must thank Ananya Arun for assisting me before and during the workshop sessions.


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