An initiative by kids for kids,Little Banyan Tree Kids Magazine

Little Banyan Tree is an idea that aims to celebrate children, their innocence, and their ability to be ‘observers’. Most importantly it engages with them so that they are given a chance to express and interpret those observations in a way best suited to them.

On June 1st, 2018, the idea expanded and an online kids magazine was launched largely written by the target readers themselves. There are 5 reasons for doing this.

  1. It becomes an alternative path to learning where the children decide what is worthy of exploration, what draws their interest and then share this interest with peers, in ways limited to their individual capabilities.
  2. They are guided in the process and given a month’s time to revise and better their contributions.
  3. Children can contribute at their own pace. If the time is still insufficient, their drafts can be kept aside for publication at a later date. If they are fast learners they might want to give in more than one contribution to every publication of the magazine.
  4. Children are given incentives for good work and so they are helped in sticking to their own commitments.
  5. It becomes a forum where they can learn to appreciate each other and hold discussions on common interests.

The magazine welcomes children from all schools around the world to make their contributions and engage with each other.

Steps to be taken if interested to join the Magazine:

  1. Express interest. You may contact through the website.
  2. Receive an invite from the magazine via mail or send contribution as an attachment to @deeptiarun
  3. Rough drafts have to be sent for review on the first Friday of any month. Final drafts have to be ready on the second last Friday of that month.
  4. All posts will be published on the first Friday of the subsequent month. For instance, if you send your work for review during June, it will be published in July.




One of our contributors, Light Lawliet ( pen name) had once said that if it were left to the kids, they would want to have a school where they would choose the subjects they wanted to learn and set their own timetable too. Let’s say that although not so large scale, this magazine would in a small way, want to give them what they wish for themselves.

Visit Little Banyan Tree Kids Magazine. Looking forward to hearing your comments on this.

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