Featured: Madhumidha Rajesh, Cbse class 10 board Exam Oman topper,2018

Little Banyan Tree

Madhumidha Rajesh, a girl whose earnest limpid eyes outshine her humble, graceful and calm demeanour is no ordinary girl. The fact that she keeps herself under the wraps and makes no big deal of her accomplishments, makes her seem no different from kids her age. However, she is far from it.

After the news of her becoming the Oman topper, a score of 98.4%, for Cbse 10th boards, I called her up and asked if she might want to talk about her success to an audience waiting to hear from her. Although shy at first, she soon enough, agreed.

Madhumidha received me at her doorstep with a warm hug and a cheerful smiling face.

Later, after exchanging pleasantries with her parents, she took me to her very well kept room for our chat.

IMG_3824 Madhumidha’s study desk

So? How does it feel, now that you know you are the top scorer…

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