Teen post: 6 common rules for getting ahead in life

#1 Know your advantage

Whether a child, a teen or an adult,  life is not fair and does not give an equal start in any game for anybody. There may be different paths on which you can begin your race. You will have several options. It is but common sense to choose the path which puts you in an advantageous position.

No matter, what you have set your heart on, whether academics or sport or day to day challenges, there is always that thing about you that uniquely sets your work apart. There is some resourcefulness about you that not everyone is lucky enough to get a grip on. That would be the advantage you should focus upon.

#2 Build a support system

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. It’s one thing to believe in yourself and quite another to think you can do it all yourself. Perhaps you can too but having a support system only makes your work better. This could include your parents, your peers, your teachers, your friends, your siblings or helpful acquaintances.

#3 Never ignore expertise.

Now I am not talking about ‘authority’ . Sometimes you do need to ignore authority and pave your own path. However, there are people who have the ‘know-how’, who have ‘been there and done that’, and getting to know what experienced people already know won’t hurt.

#4 Show respect to anyone who is kind to you and be ready to give back.

If you are busy and if any one aspect of life is filling up your whole day, you probably won’t notice the reasons that lets you do exactly that. Kindness from people may come in small or big packages, it may be a gesture, it may be a listening ear, it may be a whole-hearted smile, it may be a hug, whatever it may be, it sure keeps your confidence high. Show gratitude. It is a great virtue.

#5 Have patience and a vision.

A clear vision is an idea of what you might be like in the future. It is a picture of how you want to live your life. It connects with your passions and gives you a substantive direction and goal. However, you might need skills and training to get there. Be patient when one way does not work. Try different methods until you feel you have achieved what you had set out for. You will feel extremely valuable when this happens.

#6 Celebrate every time you overcome your challenges

It is a proven fact that celebrations increase productivity. Milestones at work or otherwise are there so that we do not tire out amidst monotony, living mundane socially acceptable lives. Just knowing that we have reached one, can make the journey less anxious.

Celebrations then once again breaks the monotony of the several milestones we come across. Celebrations are, in my opinion, an opportunity to be relieved from general expectations. You remember why you got there and get re-energized to take on more challenges. You are willing to share your positivity. It becomes a space where you love yourself and the world around you.


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