Blog Tour: In Conversation with Robbie Yates

Shalini, the girl who says loves her books finds herself loving Robbie Yates “completely”.

Robbie Yates, the Australian author to several books namely Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo, Collected Poems, One Very Odd Teacher, The Day I Ate My Teacher, The Kooky Kids’ Club and The Yearbook, is spectacularly attention-grabbing and quirky. It’s no wonder that Shalini loves him

Shalini likes to call herself,  a blogger, a writer, a reviewer, a budding publicist, book blog tour organizer, a virtual assistant to a couple of authors, a beta reader, and a freelancing editor. On this blog, I started with reviewing books, went on to writing my thoughts and feelings, followed by book publicity, blog tours and cover reveals, and book spotlights. 

Do read up Robbie Yates and if you are anything like Shalini, you might enjoy her conversation with the great guy.

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