November’s arts & crafts

She reminds me of someone close to my heart! Alicia likes to be inspired by books before she begins working away with her nimble hands. She seems to be quite a storyteller herself. She will surely inspire many. She already has.

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As promised, I will show you what I did during November. At this point, it has become a habit to do something creative every day and, as weird as it might sound, I feel like something is missing if I am not holding a brush or pencil.

Everything here is watercolors except for a polymer clay figurine, my first 1/8 sized figurine!!! I was so nervous because I have avoided drawing/painting/sculpting humans all my life. But hey, only way to get better is by doing! So, if there is something you are afraid to try because “I’m not good at it”, all the more reason to try harder! not once but many times, until you improve.

So here they are!! and something special for Robbie Yates at the end of the post 😀

novembercrafts Had to squeeze them all together or else this I would have ended as a super long…

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7 thoughts on “November’s arts & crafts

      1. Hahaha oh yes… Ask the pixies and elves to help you too💕 and then tell me the trick how you got them working for you… Sorry working with you hehehe 😉😉😂😂

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