8 tips to get Exam ready.

Exams are around the corner! For most of you, there is only another month to go. The only reason you are probably even looking at this is so that you get quick answers to relieve yourself off of the pressure. Well, the fundamental answer to that would be to get organised.

Here are some quick handy tips to get started.

  1. Reorganise the furniture in your room for optimal studying benefits.
  2. Enlarge your study space by keeping your study desk looking into your room rather than a wall. A closed-in cosy nook is alright for homework but for larger periods of study, it can feel claustrophobic.
  3. Consider a standing desk or a makeshift surface to work on your laptop standing up.

    design desk display eyewear
    Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com
  4. Have a corner for a snack bar. A bowl and glass in a tray will do too.
  5. Stock up stationery, with anything that will motivate you to work harder.
  6. Have a potted plant or fish bowl in your room to help your mind relax when it has been taking in a lot.
  7. Consider an outdoor study retreat where you will not be disturbed. This will help you get all the oxygen your brain needs.
  8. For people who have never been great planners, having a big list of things to tick off can feel daunting. Instead, have several post-its at various locations within your room reminding you of the work done or not done, whichever way you prefer. Try being creative on this one, while you remove or add each of those pieces when you are done with the work mentioned on it.

So go on! Get studying. All the best!



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