Thank you, friends and fellow bloggers.

It’s March again and the end of the first year blogging! A journey in this path so far has been both enlivening and enlightening for me. Feedback from school kids showcases Little Banyan tree favourably and parents regard the initiative benefitting. The truth is though, that we learn from each other. There has always been a give and a take. I feel enriched because of their wholesome participation and I thank them all for that.

For me, blogging has brought a refreshing change to my life. I have become a part of a community that I can entirely choose and build.

I have learnt several things since I first started writing in March 2018, three of them being the most fundamental:

  1. Set shop: Distinguish yourself within your expertise
  2. Learn from the experts: Be attentive to blogging behaviour, the undertones of the same and all the free advice out there.
  3. Know your audience: Write to those you want to write for, (in my case, to children and parents), but also keep in mind the people frequently visiting your blog, who may not technically fall under the same category.

Again, there is no better moment than now, to thank some amazing people who have influenced me and helped me get comfortable in my own little blogging nook.

John Eidswick, teacher and writer, @ Past the Isle of Dogs. I have always loved ‘teachers’. There is something so humane and kind about them, that makes anyone want to trust them. His “adventures in self-publishing” are inspiring. A picture with his adorable son on his profile showcases him as a hearty family man. The first to knock at my door, Eidswick shall always stay special to me.

Christian Mihai is the first blogging pro to find me. He finds new bloggers by the day and when they get to know him in return, he has quite a lot to tell them too. He has written several blogs advising and correcting the ways of people new to the trade. However, that’s not the only reason why I shall find it difficult to stay away from his work. Mihai is most definitely a man with a beautiful mind, seemingly a touch melancholic and wild, which are great qualities for creative writing.

Kavitha @ Sunshiny SA Site and Shalini @ Shalini’s Books & Reviews are two women with hearts as big as the world. They have a deep sense of camaraderie and I find them working in a space both encouraging and professional. They are both the quintessential modern women who are so much more than meets the eye. I thank them both for simply being ‘them’ and then for being out there, inspiring people like me.

I love children and I love writing but not many know that I also love home decor and design. I enjoy Alyss Sturdivant – Blog so much that I think I write better after having looked at the amazing pictures. I believe that a job that involves bringing a house to ‘life’ is nothing short of being honourable.

Art for Art’s sake? Allysen @ Artsy Ally V is not just joyfully creative, she grasps art and has a passion for it like some of the nineteenth-century poets I love. What’s more, she is immensely helpful to my kids @ Little Banyan Tree.

Well, I have a lot more people to thank, who stay by my side even when I can’t acknowledge them individually so much. That includes some great followers like you, who, being fantastic individuals yourself, read up everything I have to say. I only hope that I can continue to match up to your expectations.

On my part, my goal shall remain to make efforts in influencing and moulding the most precious resource on earth; the growing leaders of tomorrow, our children.


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