Teen post: Tips to reduce anxiety

When your work begins to stress you out, you may find yourself vulnerable, but may not want to share your anxiety with people you don’t trust. You don’t share it with your parents because they are usually unsure of how to deal with your problems themselves and this may stress them out too. So you keep your own anxiety bottled up until you stop functioning normally. Now is that true, or what?

Anxiety can be debilitating. However, it can be managed. Here, I have put together a few easy tips to beat anxiety.

Hormone-based anxiety: Eat a handful of nuts every day. It has good cholesterol that keeps hormones in balance.

Fear of the unknown: Always think of the glass half full. Reflect on all the ways you have overcome difficulties before.

Social anxiety: You may not like being introduced to people, being teased, or being the centre of attention, because of a fear of being judged negatively. Place one hand on your chest and another on your stomach and breathe slowly.

Tense muscles: Walking barefoot on grass or sand, helps you relax. Focus your eyes on nature in any form, water, greenery, rocky mountains or a candlelit flame. These are great a source of rejuvenation. Practice Yoga which is a complete body-mind relaxation technique.

Relaxing stressed nerves:  Hold breath and push down as if making a bowel movement, cough, splash cold water on your face or chant ‘om’ ( make the sound ‘aumm’ )

Anxiety landslide: Carry a positive image with you always or draw a positive symbol to look at and quickly interrupt anxious thoughts.

How to relieve yourself of anxiety quickly though? The Japanese method of massaging your hands can be very effective, Grasp each of your fingers individually with the opposite hand. Massage fingers for a few minutes. Press at the centre of each palm with your thumb.

Anxiety is felt physically but it’s important not to worry about the discomfort it causes. Place your attention on it without letting your mind race. It’s difficult but achievable.

When you feel anxious, tell yourself the following:

  • If this way I feel bad, I shall allow myself to find another way to feel good.
  • If this makes me sad, I can always look forward to another way of happiness.
  • If this makes me feel sick, so does everyone every now and then, so it really is okay.


Anxiety, in general, can be reduced with repetition.  The number of times you do an activity, the less stressful it becomes. However, repetition that does not involve a particular activity can also be very much useful like riding a cycle, making paint strokes with fingers, or squeezing some play-doh.

Anxiety is normal for most people, beneficial even, to inculcate an adaptive nature. For most, it involves rapid heartbeat and heavy breathing. This can be brought down or eliminated with practice. However, for some, it is compulsive and obsessive and requires treatment. According to some studies, some children even inherit anxiety disorder from their parents, which, within a corrective environment can be reduced from becoming a serious mental disorder. This being the case, treatment must not be delayed at any cost.

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5 thoughts on “Teen post: Tips to reduce anxiety

  1. Nice tips to reduce the anxiety for teens. Even if the parents talk to their teens then it will keep them motivated to deal with every situation. I would like to share it with my friends too. Keep posting!

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