Toy sharing subscriptions are here to stay

Ever felt your children need more room at home simply because they have so much stuff accumulated over the years? Your children need different things to stimulate them as they grow up! You have spent so much money on those great educational toys and books that you don’t want to throw them away even when they are no longer needed?

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 1.24.29 PM

Parents of young children don’t have to feel that way anymore. The world is opening up with better ideas for the future and India is right where it should be. Toy subscriptions offer children new toys every month without the usual strain on the pocket.

A completely affordable and environmentally friendly option toy subscriptions give your children (usually aged 2- 12) what they need during a relatively small phase of their lives. A fantastic way to keep your home clutter-free too!

Check out to know more!!

Bojo and Flintobox are other sources you may want to try.

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