What percentage means in Board Exams

Little Banyan Tree

People put the system of measuring student success with the yardstick called ‘percentage’ so that in general, education imparted can have some set high standards. It also helps filter out the larger section of the population from the incredibly small number of affordable options for higher education.

The average percentage of a student in board exams is, therefore, a convenient tool for some administrative body that lacks categorical focus on student’s abilities. What the percentage of marks cannot be is to become any kind of scale for a student’s intelligence. Intelligence is determined not only by effort but by genetic and environmental factors. A student’s 75% is therefore just as valuable as a 95% considering how steep his/her challenges were, based on those factors.

What does it mean then for the student?

It is an uneven measure to determine the self-will, determination and courage of academically oriented children. While their…

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