How to plan for Exams

Exams are around the corner again and it’s time you start making a strategy. For the kids getting themselves through high school, it’s no less competitive than a televised sports league. Anything that gives an edge will not be compromised.

Little Banyan Tree

When a routine day at school turns into a lot of unstructured days before the actual exam dates, many children have difficulty in charting out a good plan or a strategy for scheduling study. While some helicopter parents micromanage every detail of their child’s work, some children, for good or bad reasons,  don’t get that kind of attention.

Whether you have a parent helping you or you are a student managing on your own,  here are some general tips that might be helpful:

Make a complete list of all that’s on the exam syllabus.

Making a list or having one that’s already been provided to you on your desk will not do. Read it carefully. Make a percentage ratio or pie chart of how much you are extremely confident in, how much not so confident and so on until you also mark the percentage of portions you are (if any)…

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