How to not let the closing of schools affect your work

Not going to school is probably beginning to take a toll on you. Are you feeling less motivated to get your work done while being in relaxed circumstances at home? In a world where artificial intelligence and ‘machine learning’ become the hands and brains behind productive work, human minds are ever more so been relied upon for its creative capabilities. However, the demand for efficiency will never go off trend. At schools for sure, there is a significant focus given to productive hours. If you are looking to improve your grades, read on. Here’s what you must do to be super productive.

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Use a planner- 

It’s not a new idea. You have been taught how to use a calendar to set aside homework schedules from your primary years at school. Stick to them. Don’t make excuses. At high school, you have to go a step further and make plans that include study schedules, extra classes and tests. Make plans on how to go about your work and persist.

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Be organised.

By using your planner you are already one step closer to being organised. There are other tools too that can help keep yourself on track.  If you don’t already, own a smartphone and a laptop. Google docs, google calendar and g-mail are still the best ways to share information with your teachers and parents. QS, the world’s largest network for international education, has great ideas and suggests apps that will help you manage your time. Find out what best works for you.

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Watch the time

Expect problems. Know that time will not stop for you. Be ready earlier than the expected time.

Don’t keep people hanging. Keep appointments. If you can’t do something they are expecting you to do, let them know about it ahead of time. That’s not so much about productivity, just a grown-up thing to do.

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Don’t complain.

When things are not going your way it’s natural to want to put the blame on someone. Your assumptions about it though, need not be always right. When you get irritated it only means that you have not factored in some hidden reasons for the same. Why it only means that you have not yet seen the larger picture!

Negative emotions can derail a situation so keep them on under control. Do not let anger or distress go overhead. No one appreciates an ugly turn of events. Worse, the flow of your work will most certainly get affected.

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Be resourceful

Trust builds when people see what you do consistently, whether in the way you treat them or on how you get your work done. This goes a long way in your work relationships with teachers and peers. A dependable person is also a resourceful person. Human resources are just as important as those that are internet-based.

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Challenge yourself

Don’t avoid discomfort. It would mean you cannot handle distress, which is not what is expected from a mature person. Leadership is when you do what no one is willing to do. Do more than what is expected.

The world needs people who can figure out new ways of getting work done. It’s the attitude that matters. Understanding you are needed will keep you from procrastinating. You might just end up being the right kind of person to fit into a global demand pool.

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