Little Banyan Tree


Hi! My Dear Readers,

Little Banyan Tree is an initiative that began with immense enthusiasm, that I share, with some of my unbelievably fantastic and selfless friends, among the teaching and parent community.

This is a blog that aims on one hand to motivate the student community and the parents, and on the other, to facilitate them with informative content. It is still in its early days, and you’ll have to be patient before it reaches its full potential.




” Excellent Deepti! It is the blog which is very much needed in the present scenario. Parents and teachers will definitely enjoy it. Congratulations! 

Radhika Unni, Principal, SBOA School& Junior college, Chennai.


I  was involved with Deepti as a parent at first when she trained my daughters to deliver declamatory speeches and recitations for competitions in their early teens. I am positive that they were shown the right direction, for today they are confident speakers in their own right and as young adults have taken several leadership positions. I have also known Deepti as one among the panel of judges at ‘Utsav’, an annual cultural festival held at ISD, Oman.” 

                                                                         – Lekha Vinod, Senior teacher, ISD, Oman


” I’ve had the privilege of knowing Deepti for the past decade or so, and I can honestly say that she is the most inspirational and charming people I’ve met. She is acutely aware of others’ sentiments, and knows how to encourage them and make them feel at home. She has a keen, special sense of intuition when it comes to children, especially teenagers. Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life has allowed her to successfully organize workshops, clubs and other events and most recently this blog. ‘The Little Banyan Tree’ is a treasure trove of good advice and I eagerly await her next blog post.”

– Reena John, Ex high school teacher & Entrepreneur, Oman