Featured: Young Achiever, Sreya Vinod

Sreya Vinod , a girl who any day stands out in a crowd, has made inspiring contributions at the Little Banyan Tree initiative. She is a versatile speaker, dancer and singer, bagging several awards for the same. She has worked as Coordinator- Social Service, as part of the Student Council Board, ISM,Oman. A role model […]

How words can add value to your confidence.

Words come your way when you listen, or read or speak or write.Words are what distinguishes us humans, from every other species of the world. Words can be functional, decorative, commanding, assertive, romantic and more. If there are teachers who are telling youngsters at school to learn a new word a day, they are not […]


Are you someone who has looked upon some people you know and wondered how it was that they carry themselves with a certain admirable gait, how they are they always able to keep a pleasant face while they speak, how do people gravitate towards them? Then you also probably want to be like them. Fortunately, […]

Education: National contest for innovation

If you have children at home who like to tinker on things, whose questions don’t cease, who love exploring, who are endearing and compassionate, then you are most likely constantly looking for  platforms where they can express themselves. One of my favourite stories is that of Arav Hak who raised over 9 lakh rupees to […]

Loyalty: How does it play in your teen life?

Loyalty is a very special word in the corporate world. There are tons of research being done to understand relationships between customer and company, employee and employer. It’s quite interesting but let me not go there now. What I am more interested in,  is you, my young friend and how loyalties play in your life. […]