Education: Getting a degree may not be everything


A lot of kids at age 17 or 18 are often not clear, about what career would fit them best. Add to that is a changing world, that would make things even more confusing. The job opportunities that exist now were absent ten years ago and so it is quite likely that what you train for now might not be enough sooner or later.

At one point degrees were the sole motivating factor for higher education. There was prestige in the number of degrees you ‘gathered’ or what degree, for that matter, you attained. Although degrees continue to be relevant, somehow they no longer are a defining factor for some jobs at the entry level. Continue reading “Education: Getting a degree may not be everything”

Tech: 3D printer making way into schools.


There is this buzz about 3D printers everywhere around you, isn’t there? Everybody seems to be talking about it.  The manufacturing potential of products that are being spoken of, seem limitless. However, my interest in the 3D technology is based on two factors;  that it is immensely useful for students even at school level, and that I have recently become a huge fan of a 19 year old boy, Angad Daryani, from Mumbai.

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